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Sweetgrass Social Event & Design

Boutique Full Service Event Planning & Design

Sweetgrass Social Event and Design is a boutique full service event planning and design firm based in Charleston, South Carolina. The company was co-founded in 2009 by Meredith Tanton and Jacqueline Volz. Both Meredith and Jacqueline have a background in events prior to starting Sweetgrass Social, so when they met in Charleston they knew they would make a perfect pair. Jacqueline was born and raised in Florence, SC where she learned all about the event industry from her parents who are local florists.

In her college years, she planned and organized events for a law firm in Anderson, SC. Meredith grew up in Charlotte, NC. She started her career in non-profit events before transitioning to weddings when she moved to Charleston. The ladies at Sweetgrass Social have been able to combine their event experience to plan extraordinary events through out the lowcountry and beyond.